Those who inspired my interest in cooking

The knowledge I am sharing with you on this website wouldn’t be possible without the following people.

Firstly, my mum’s mum (Papa) –  She is an awesome and inspirational woman who has achieved so much despite several hardships. Until she had a stroke earlier this year, she was a very successful yoga teacher in Bangalore. Can I say that she is now seventy-five and had been teaching for 20 years. I was amongst her first students and will always look up to her. My favourite dish from her kitchen is Bisi Bele Bhath and I hope to share this recipe with you sometime.

Secondly, my mum – Watching her cook is how I learnt to cook. Little tips she would give me while she cooked have taken me a long way in the kitchen. It is very unusual to have precise metric measurements for ingredients in any Indian household. It is all done by feel and smell. That’s right – no tasting. With this in mind, she gave  me all my spice mix recipes as I left home to the nearest cup measure and they all work like charms. I still go back to mum’s house to eat certain things like “Thayir vada/Mosuru bajji” because I’m not confident I can produce the same results as her. Thank you for making me the cook that I am mum.

Thirdly, my dad’s brother (Cheenu mama) – He is a pretty amazing cook and a talented gardener. He grows his own okra, chillies, curry leaves, slender egg plants amongst other things on Australian soil quite successfully. My favourite item from his kitchen is the fudge-like dessert called ‘Mysore-Pak’ and I’m sure this will feature on the site sometime.

Fourthly – my dad. Had it not been for mum’s monopoly in the kitchen, he’d have quite easily taken over. He too loves gardening and has green fingers like you won’t believe it. My favourite dish made by him is ‘Kakarkai palya’ or Cooked bitter gourd and maybe I will share the recipe with you sometime.

Fifthly – Sanjeev Kapoor – India’s first (at least in my memory) TV chef and one I used to spend many-a-Sunday afternoon watching when I was a teenager. He has a website which has been the source of many successful ventures in my kitchen. I will post links to some of my favourite recipes from his site.

Finally, the countless recipe books I have, ones that have been made for me, bought for me and of course the world wide web with its multitude of foodie sites many of which I troll through on a daily basis.

Thank you all!

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