Very berry pancakes with plum reduction

Berries and stone fruit were luxuries as a child growing up in India. Once we moved to New Zealand and then to Australia, these fruits became more accessible and I’ve fallen in love with them. Berries in England are in an altogether different league of awesomeness so it is very rare for me to go into the supermarket and not come out with a box of strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. My partner often jokes that berries are going to make us bankrupt but when I put them in front of us for breakfast or as dessert, they disappear quite quickly.

In an attempt to pry my partner from the computer screen and take him outside the house on a weekend, I pledged a pancake breakfast. Of course pancakes take longer to make that you expect them to, especially when all you have is a single pan to cook them in. So on this particular Sunday, we had a pancake lunch instead.

The same Sunday that I mention in the previous paragraph, I found myself with half a punnet of raspberries, half a punnet of blueberries and 5 plums that had looked promising in the supermarket but hadn’t ripened though I’d bought them  2 weeks prior. Very berry pancakes and some plum-based sauce it was!

Very berry pancakes

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