Mysteries of dal

In my first two recipes, I’ve mentioned a few ‘dals’. ‘Dal’ is the Hindi word for lentils. The Kannada word for lentils is ‘Bele’ pronounced ‘Bay-leh’ where you roll your tongue on the ‘l’. The Tamil word for lentils is ‘Parippu’ ┬ápronounced ‘par-ruh-puh’. The Telegu word for lentils is ‘Pappu’ pronounced ‘pa-puh’. Lentils feature in a lot of Indian dishes irrespective of their state of origin. Their usage varies depending on the dish and region but they are a prominent feature. For vegetarians and vegans, lentils are a great source of protein.

I understand that some of the lentils I mention might not be familiar to some of you. I thought I should post some pictures and names as a guide but people have already beaten me to it and have done a much better job that I could have. So please check these websites out if you’d like to know what they look like and how to cook them. Continue reading