Aubergine, salsa and couscous stack

This recipe is inspired by the Big Ready Steady cookbook from 1997 which I bought off someone at work. Luckily, it had a vegetarian ¬†section¬†at the start which I got stuck into right away. The original recipe used bulgar wheat and a few other ingredients which I didn’t have at the time I decided to make it. This is my take on the recipe and makes a light and yummy dinner. My partner who isn’t a fan of couscous gave this one the seal of approval.

I’ll admit that the ingredient list looks long and scary. However, you can always omit things you don’t have and replace others. For example, coriander with mint/parsley (dried is OK), limes with lemons and omit the dressing. While the dressing does add flavour to the dish, the couscous, aubergines and salsa have plenty of their own.

Aubergine, salsa and couscous stack

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