Summer holiday series: 6. Quiche roquefort et poire (Pear and roquefort quiche)

On the fourth evening, I ventured out of the Donna Hay zone and into one called “New Bistro” by Fran Warde ( We had some pears in the fruit bowl and I knew the local supermarket had some roquefort so I thought – why not. The recipe was simple except for the making of the pastry that held the quiche (quiche shell). This was made even more difficult by the fact that the place we were staying in didn’t have a pie/tart dish. So I improvised with a frying pan and it worked out to my amazement.

The pear and roquefort  quiche had a crispy crust despite me overfilling it. The inside was soft, light, salty because of the cheese and sweet because of the pear. It might sound weird when described, but it was a taste sensation worth experiencing. I thought so despite not being a huge fan of blue-vein cheese. Do try it and tell me what you think!

To finish this meal off, we had some chocolate orange mousse which I will describe in my next recipe.

Pear roquefort tart with some local walnut bread

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