Summer holiday series: 1. Hurry burry hot curry!


Once again, I apologise for being away for a bit. In my defence, I’m having a lovely holiday in France with my partner and his parents. We are in this lovely house with an awesome kitchen. I cannot resist awesome kitchens. So I’ve been taking full advantage of it every evening and have been trying to produce meals using local produce/locally available produce every evening. The next few recipes will hopefully capture this. Of course, they tend to be cheese and butter heavy so not a very vegan-friendly territory.

One thing I’m very grateful for is the endless patience, encouragement and help I get from my partner and his parents (my partner’s mum especially) while I slowly try and work my way through this foreign kitchen and with not as many spices/ingredients as I’m used to in my own. The house came with a bazillion cook books including a whole “Donna Hay” series. For those who don’t know Donna Hay, she’s an Australian food stylist ( and you can spend many hours just drooling over her magazines. I have to say, the magazines don’t just have a pretty face but the recipes work – just like that. It is very rare for me not to tinker with existing recipes. With Donna Hay recipes, one can (and I do most of the time) follow them like gospel.

“Hurry burry hot curry” – it was a silly phrase we called out as kids in India. I can’t say very many of us stopped to think what it meant. All we knew was that it rhymed and we thought that was hilarious and giggled a lot. Kids these days are a lot smarter than we used to be. Anyway, this curry was put together in a little bit of a hurry and is served hot. All the ingredients/spices I used were what I found in the house’s pantry. I served this curry pulao made with whole spices. Hope you like it. The next few recipes will have pictures – I promise.

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