Summer holiday series: 4. Baked peaches and nectarines with a macaroon topping

I’m in love with French peaches. Normally, I keep a safe distance from peaches because they are furry on the outside (yep, I have texture issues) and I always found nectarines to be sweeter. Until I came to France of course. The peaches here are amazing – juicy, sweet and slightly tart at the same time and so full of flavour. The nectarines on the other hand are juicy but not so sweet and taste rather watery. Between us we have gone through well over a dozen peaches in about 3 days.

Continuing on with the summer holiday series, this was the dessert course for our fancy dinner on one of the holiday evenings. I found the recipe in a Donna Hay book but I couldn’t find it again. So this recipe is a recollection of the steps I followed in making the dish.

The hardest part of this recipe was to beat egg whites to a soft peak by hand as our house didn’t come with an electric blender. It was a good upper arm work out for sure. The recipe called for some Cointreau but we didn’t have any so I used something called “Appertif de Noix” which I read is a walnut wine ( I thought it worked well while being subtle and allowing the flavour of the fruit their full right to shine.

Try this simple yet elegant recipe and enjoy!

Peaches and nectarines with macaroon topping,  served ona bed of melon with custard. Looks like a smiley face doesn’t it ?

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Super fluffy pancakes with a clove and peach reduction…

I have posted about berry pancakes before and the basic recipe for this one remains the same except for the secret ingredient – fluffy egg whites.

This recipe takes me back a few years when I was visiting friends in Philadelphia, PA. The friend who lived there took us to the Reading Terminal market to get us to try what she claimed were the best pancakes in the world. The booth was called “Dutch Eating Place” and behind the counter were young Amish girls making delectable looking blueberry pancakes. When we got served them, it was with home made butter and real maple syrup. I can say, with my hand on my heart, that they were indeed the best pancakes in the world. I managed to find a picture to share with you.

This recipe is an attempt at mimicking those awesome pancakes. The idea to do so came from a SKYPE conversation with a friend who said her husband would beat egg whites to make them fluffy. The peach reduction was my touch. Hope you try it and like it!

a. Amish-blue-berry-pancakes at Reading Terminal Market b. My fluffy blueberry pancakes with a peach reduction

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