Grilled olives with chilli and lemon

This recipe is one I got from one of my favourite Italian food websites Silvia’s Cucina…I served it at my Italian-themed dinner and it was a big hit. My guest had great fun trying to ‘fish’ an olive out of the bowl with a grissini. Many hilarious attempts involving the snapping of the grissini into halves, thirds, and quarters ensued. When one of us managed to ‘catch’ an olive, it was celebrated with cheers and claps and a sip of spumante. Thanks Silvia!

Appertivo : Grilled olives

Appertivo : Grilled olives with grissini

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Orange and lemon curd

I was looking for a recipe to make a chocolate orange cake for my partner’s birthday which is in a few weeks time as it his favourite combination of flavours. My idea was to make a marbled cake with a chocolate-orange ganache topping and scribble “Happy Birthday” on top. However, I came across this recipe for a chocolate-orange wedding cake, saw the orange curd in there and hit upon a different idea. I thought I could cover the marbled  cake in orange curd instead, dribble the ganache topping in concentric circles on top of the curd and make feather-y patterns on the curd. How did it turn out ? Well you’ll have to wait for my chocolate-orange cake recipe. In the interim, I’m leaving you with a recipe for Orange and lemon curd.

The word “curd” would throw most Indian people and it did the same to me initially. Curd is a synonym for yoghurt in parts of India so when someone told me about a lemon curd, I thought it was really weird. Then I tried it and fell in love with it. In New Zealand, I lived in a share house with a big lemon tree in the backyard. After months of letting the lemons rot or play ball for the dog, one of my housemates decided to make lemon curd  and marmalade with them. The house smelt wonderful when I returned from work that day. When I asked about it, she told me what they were and that it was OK to help myself to some lemon curd and marmalade. I think I might have taken the “help myself” a bit too far and she wasn’t too impressed. However, I did get the recipe off her before I left. This orange curd recipe is based on the lemon-curd  one I got from my ex-housemate. It’s simple, easy and tasty.

You can use orange and lemon curd on toast, with yoghurt, as a tart filling and as a creamy layer between layers of a sponge cake to name a few. If you are gross like me, you’d just eat spoonfuls of it for fun. This is a lot less tangy than lemon curd and I find that much more of a pleasant taste. Do try it and tell me what you think by mailing me at

Thick and yummy orange+lemon curd

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