Welcome to Miceinmybelly.com…We have moved!

Dear readers,

Canwehavesomerasam has been a fantastic platform to share my recipes and adventures with food. It was my husband that encouraged me to start blogging in December 2011 and two and a half years on, I have a modest, yet highly encouraging and supportive readership. Thank you so much!

More recently, my husband and I have been talking about making this blog a joint project which brought us to the decision to host the website ourselves and customise it to our heart’s content. Two months of work, mostly by my husband in setting up the website, and me backseat-driving the customisation, we present to you….




Mice in my belly front page


What’s with the name ?

“Mice in my belly” is the English translation of a Hindi idiom that says “mice are running in my belly” (पेट में चूहे दौड़ना) and means that one is very hungry. We hope that looking at our new website would make our readers really hungry and that the name would be catchy enough for people to remember once they’d heard it. Catchier than canwehavesomerasam.com at least !




So, what’s new ?

Pictures – lots of pictures. We wanted the new website to highlight the food I make and what better way to do this than diplaying pictures more obviously than the text itself. Hope you like the new style. Miceinmybelly.com has all the same content as canwehavesomerasam but with recipes sorted into categories such as cuisine, diet, mealtimes and taste. We also have a “Beyond Food” menu with posts on travel, ingredients that I use in my food, tips, techniques and. There is a little more information about me, the blog and those who inspire me to keep blogging in the about section.


Mice in my belly -> Recipes -> By cuisine

Mice in my belly -> Recipes -> By cuisine


How can you follow us ?

We tried to make it simple and easy for you to be able to follow miceinmybelly.com. Click the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner of any page on miceinmybelly.com and enter your email address in the box provided. Once you are signed up, you will get an email assking you to confirm your subscription. Following this, you will get an email once a week if I have updated the blog. If I haven’t updated my blog, then we won’t bother you with emails.

How to follow us (blue box in the bottom right corner)

How to follow us (blue box in the bottom right corner)


How will we transition over to the new site ?

Anything I post in the coming month (June 2014) will be on both websites. However, come July 2014, I will only update  miceinmybelly.com. All the recipes that are currently on canwehavesomerasam.wordpress.com will continue to be there as I will not take the website down.


Contact us

My emailing us your comments, suggestions, complaints at miceinmybelly@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can comment on each post on the blog.


Thankyou and we hope that you will move with us,